control your environment

Each piece included in the set of your LUNNA air purifier works together to help you protect what matters most at home. LUNNA products are a modular and complete solution for consumers to feel secure and have a peace of mind while enhancing their day to day lives.

works with LUNNA smart app

download the LUNNA smart app

  1. Use your mobile phone to search for LUNNA smart app in the App Store or Google Play to install LUNNA smart app.
  2. Open the LUNNA smart app, click “register”, use your phone number or email to register the LUNNA smart app account, and then log in to the LUNNA smart app.

add device:

  1. Connect the mobile phone to the home wireless network, and turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth (please select 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network).
  2. Open the LUNNA smart app.
  3. Enter the homepage of the LUNNA smart app. Click “+” to select to add a device, the app will display manual addition and automatic discovery.
  4. AUTOMATIC DISCOVERY: When the corresponding authority is turned on, the device can be automatically discovered, and the device needs to be in the network configuration state and turned on.
  5. MANUALLY ADD: Select the name corresponding to the product, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth mode.

download the LUNNA smart app