Sweet As Honey Bees

Sweet As Honey Bees

Out of all the animals in the kingdom, the most unexpected, least likely one to dominate fall fashion isn't even really classified as an animal—it's an insect (though, it is the buzziest one around). The bumble bee has come out on top, spreading its wings and decorating everything from striped button-down shirts to Gucci's famous Princetown jacquard loafer slippers. And we understand the allure. Even though Julie Andrews once listed a bee's sting as one of her non-favorite things in The Sound of Music, the winged black-and-yellow, honey-making creature symbolizes community, brightness, and personal power. It's even kind of cute—from a distance. 

And there are multiple ways to channel that brightness and power, too. Play up the bee motif with a bold print on a pair of pants or do it subtly with a teeny-tiny pendant. Either way, we're pretty sure that the bee will stick throughout the season. To help you avoid bumbling your way through the trend, we rounded up a hive of nine chic pieces that are, quite simply, the bee's knees (sorry, we couldn't help it). 

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